Special Projects

For the medical industry, clean areas, residential and general industries

Custom-designed specialized air conditioning

We have the technical capabilities to take on projects with specialized requirements in any industry, including free trade and industrial zones, and government and private institutions, among others.

We offer AC systems, filtration, ventilation, and everything needed to guarantee air quality in any environment.

Our engineers have worked with hospitals, laboratories, museums, government buildings, and industrial plants of all types.

Clean air and optimal ventilation

Our innovative systems and certified technicians meet the mandatory requirements of any industry, always ensuring air quality.

Systems we work with

Conventional air-conditioning (direct refrigerant expansion) and ventilation systems

Chilled water systems for air-conditioning and process

Cooling tower systems

Variable refrigerant volume systems

Applications we work with

Precision air conditioning

Clean areas

Automation of air conditioning and ventilation systems

Commercial Ventilation

Industrial Ventilation


Costa Rican Company

We are a Costa Rican company that for 15 years has been a dedicated and valuable partner for our customers, offering technical capacity and quality with the highest level of customer service.


Strategic allies

We are strategically allied with leading suppliers of the best air conditioning and ventilation technologies, ensuring innovation in our proposals for HVAC projects.



Our team of specialized engineers and certified technicians is at your service for all types of HVAC systems of different brands.

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Brands we work with

We support you in all the stages of your project

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